Behind the Scenes @ : a doll’s ball gown #dollstyle #dollphotographer

Click on this link to find all the patterns and tutorials you need to make this dress and snood:

Back when I first started this website, my main purpose for posting patterns was to simply log my progress with my Romeo and Juliet video creations.

In those days, this site was more of a photo-journal of my personal journey than a place to share my talent as a pattern designer.

My early patterns were all hand-drawn, and measurements were not double-checked.

However some of those early patterns have been slowly coming back to haunt me as visitors come to this site and try to sew them.

So today I’m re-posting the pattern for the Tammy doll ball gown shown in the image at the top of this post. I’ve re-checked my measurements and redrawn some of my lines on the pattern to make it more accurate.

Here’s that pattern as a PDF:

Behind the scenes, I have updated the old blog post that linked from the Tammy doll gallery to the ball gown pattern, and the old blog post now contains this PDF version of the pattern instead of the JPG pattern.

I hope to update more of these as time goes by.

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