Look ahead at this week’s doll clothes sewing project: Capri Pants for Ideal Tammy dolls #vintagetoys #MeMadeMonday #sewingprojects

Click on the link in the caption for the free printable sewing patterns and tutorial videos showing how to make these doll clothes. The image show a vintage Tammy doll (by Ideal Toy Corp.) wearing handmade capri pants and a sleeveless shirt. The clothing's fabric is soft flannel, and the shirt is trimmed with cotton bias tape. The doll stands in a 1:6 scale museum with a bust of a composer in front of her and the famous Degas ballerinas behind her. On the wall is a Van Gogh and to the doll's right is a painting of an origami crane. The watermark tells you where you can download the free printable sewing patterns for making Tammy doll clothes in the form of a PDF downloadable pattern: ChellyWood.com
Click here for all the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make the outfit shown (available after 17 Jan. 2020):

Here’s a #MeMadeMonday image of my Tammy doll’s flannel capri pants and top. I really designed this week’s free doll clothes pattern to be pajamas, but when I took this photo, I had not yet made Tammy a pair of slippers. All I had were her sneakers.

So I set up a little museum diorama for her to pose in, and honestly, I’m very happy with how this photo turned out.

Our focus this week will be on making a pair of capri pants for Tammy dolls, using my free, printable PDF sewing pattern, which will post on Wednesday.

In Thursday’s free sewing tutorial video, you’ll see more photos of Tammy in the pale blue capris and sleeveless shirt, but I’ll also include photos of her in the cute gingham capris that you see below:

Click on the link in the caption for all the patterns and tutorial videos you'll need to make this outfit for your Tammy doll. The image shows a Tammy Doll (made by Ideal Toy Corp. in the 1960s) wearing handmade gingham capris and a cotton short-sleeved shirt. Her straw hat adds character to the ensemble, as do her white sneakers, but the pattern and tutorials will only be for making the capri pants and shirt. To find these free PDF sewing patterns, please go to ChellyWood.com (shown as a watermark on the image).
Click here for all the FREE patterns and tutorial videos you’ll need to make this outfit: (coming soon)

It’s true that the capris made a cute flannel pajama pant, but I think I like the gingham look even better. How about you?

What’s your favorite picture from today’s look ahead at the week’s free patterns and tutorials? Are you looking forward to making a pair of capris for your vintage Tammy doll, using my soon-to-be-posted free patterns and tutorial video?

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