Image shows an Ever After High doll wearing a black miniskirt dotted with shamrocks, in true St. Patrick's Day style. Over her shamrock miniskirt, the doll wears a simple white sleeveless top. The overlay says, "Do-it-yourself ever after high skirt with free pattern" and the watermark says, "" to indicate where one can find the free printable pattern for the shamrock skirt. This image is displayed as part of a YouTube tutorial for making the shamrock skirt in all its glittery shamrock-ish glory!

Free #EverAfterHigh #Dolls Clothes Patterns @

Are you ready to make some more St. Patrick’s Day holiday crafts for your Ever After High or Monster High dolls? St. Paddy’s Day is still nine days away, and since this St. Patrick’s Day craft project is pretty quick and easy to sew, even those who are new to sewing should be able to get the job done in time! Here’s the pattern for the skirt … Continue reading Free #EverAfterHigh #Dolls Clothes Patterns @