The image shows a Momoko doll dressed in her Juliet gown and veil from Chelly Wood's stop motion production of Romeo and Juliet. The doll is reaching out her hand to touch the muzzle of a small pony. The pony is bridled and wears a blanket. They stand in a tiny garden with green leafy plants and a wrought iron gate in the distance. Would you like to sew these doll clothes for your Momoko doll? Click on the link in the caption for your free printable sewing patterns and tutorial videos for making doll clothes to fit Momoko dolls.

Sew a gown for #MomokoDoll, #Pullip or #BlytheDoll w/free patterns @

Here we see an image of Momoko™ (the doll from the Sekiguchi company) wearing the lovely blue and gold gown from yesterday’s photo of the four-poster bed. Momoko appears to be feeding a Breyer™ horse or touching its muzzle. I cast Momoko as Juliet in my dolling version of Romeo and Juliet, which is still in production. Of course I designed the dress Momoko™ wears in … Continue reading Sew a gown for #MomokoDoll, #Pullip or #BlytheDoll w/free patterns @