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I have some sort of exciting news to share with my followers on I’ve been hired by the Lammily LLC company to do some contract work, designing fashions for their very lovely “Traveler” doll! So for the month of December, I’ll be focusing on the Lammily company’s patterns. That means I’ll need a break from my usual creative adventures on

Of course I’m sewing Christmas gifts for family members and such as well, so after Christmas, you can watch for whatever creative projects I’m currently working on. I’ll post some new stuff in January.

But between now and then, to buy me some time during the busy holiday season, I’ll be posting a series of videos that have been available on my YouTube channel for a while now. It’ll be a sort of countdown to New Year’s Day, showcasing the most popular tutorial videos from my YouTube channel.

I may not be actively checking this website during December, but you’re welcome to contact me with any doll clothes sewing questions or requests you may have. And, of course, I wish everyone a safe and pleasant Christmas and New Year!

Below you’ll find an adorable holiday film made by my niece, Zoe, who is eleven years old. She wrote the cute story-line, including the cast of characters or (as she called them) “credits” at the start of the film. It’s very cute! Take a look:

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