#Sew a Pair of Pants to Fit #BarbieDolls and Other #FashionDolls

Image of "Teresa" doll from Mattel wearing hand-made zip-front jacket with handmade boot-cut trousers/pants. The doll appears to be waving at the camera.
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Here’s an image of my Teresa doll (one of the Barbie line), wearing my latest design: boot cut pants for Barbie-sized dolls. Stick around this week to watch my video tutorial, showing you how to make these easy-peasy boot-cut, elastic-waist pants.

Yesterday was the last day for our free salon set drawing, and I’ll announce that winner just as soon as I get in touch with him/her. So if you’re checking back to see if you’re a winner, be patient!

This week I’ll post the pattern for these boot-cut pants for Barbie dolls. Then I’ll show you how to make them with my latest tutorial. But alongside the pants pattern, which I’ll post tomorrow, you’ll notice a Christmas stocking pattern too. As the week wraps up, I’ll show you how to make the Christmas stockings for Barbie as well!

One thought on “#Sew a Pair of Pants to Fit #BarbieDolls and Other #FashionDolls

  1. Hi Chelly

    I would love to send you a picture of my version of your pants pattern. Please advise how I can do this.

    Cheers Jill

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