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Image of modern Barbie doll wearing handmade doll clothing sewn by AllySews Etsy business person.
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I belong to a number of sewing and doll-fan groups on Facebook, and for a while now, I’ve been admiring the crafty work of a young lady who goes by Ally or Alexandra. I came to discover that she runs an Etsy store where she sells her doll clothes.


Since people occasionally approach me, wanting to buy my handmade doll clothes (which I don’t sell anymore–I only give them away), I thought it would be a good idea to forward some of that business to someone who does sell her lovely handmade doll clothes online. So without further ado, here’s the interview I did with Ally. I hope you take a moment to check out her Etsy store!


Hi Alexandra! (May I call you Alexandra? Or do you prefer Ally?) How are you today?

  • Hi Chelly! Either is fine, and *’m great, thank you 🙂

First things first, where can we find your creations on Etsy? What’s the URL and the name of your Etsy store?

With the business part of the interview out of the way, let’s talk about sewing! I’ve noticed folks on Facebook always comment on the wonderful fabrics you use. How do you choose your fabrics?

  • I buy most of my fabric online, and I definitely have way too much! Fabric is an addiction. My fabrics are mostly designer, but I do use pieces that aren’t. I love bright colors and cute patterns, and I try to showcase the fabrics in my sewing, paired with simpler designs.

Can you share some sewing tips and tricks with us? How do you get your seams to look so clean, for example? And what do you use for your closures? Snaps? Velcro? Hook-and-eye?

  • I use my iron a lot. Iron before and after every step. It makes things look much neater! I also use a narrow overlocking stitch on all exposed edges of the fabric. For closures, I use mainly Velcro or metal snaps.

Where do you get your models? Do you use Barbies from your childhood, your own children’s Barbies, or used Barbies you’ve purchased recently? Perhaps you buy them new?

  • All of my Barbie dolls have been purchased new although I have been looking for vintage Barbies to use as models recently. I’ve become somewhat of a doll collector haha!

Do you sew for other dolls besides Barbie, and if so, what dolls would they be? Do you have a preference? Who is your favorite doll to sew for?

  • I do! So far I’ve sewn for Barbie and her sister dolls, Waldorf dolls, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Lammily and Gotz/18 inch dolls. I love sewing clothes for all of them, but my preference would have to be Barbie. 🙂

One more question if you don’t mind: what inspired you to sew for dolls? Do you have a daughter at home? Or were you inspired by images you found on Pinterest or YouTube perhaps?

  • Hmm, well… My little sister, Addie, inspired me mostly, I used to make clothes for her stuffed animals when she was really little, and I guess I just have a preference for making tiny clothes now. It’s quick, fun and I think there’s really a lack of doll clothes makers out there.

Thank you for allowing me to interview you for this blog post. It has been a pleasure visiting with a young woman who loves sewing for dolls as much as I do!

  • Thank you so much! My pleasure.


Do you sew your own handmade doll clothes? Do you sell your doll clothes through Etsy? Are you looking for some free advertising? Please contact me, Chelly Wood, by filling out my “Submit a Question” form. I would like to offer interviews with doll clothes makers and designers on Fridays. All other days will focus on my own creations, including but not limited to my doll clothes patterns, crafts, and related news.

4 thoughts on “Interview With “AllySews” @ #kids #Dollstagram #kidcraft

  1. I ordered from Ally through her Etsy shop. I never received my merchandise. She stopped responding to my emails and despite offering a refund, never proceeded to give me one. I would recommend not ordering from this person.

    1. I’m really sorry to hear that, Elise. I’m not affiliated with Ally. I only know her through sewing circles on Facebook. Perhaps I should vet my interviews better. Thank you for saying something.

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