Sew #Bible Character Clothes for #Dolls w/ Free Patterns @ #biblestudy

Last week I started offering free printable patterns and sewing tutorials for a Barbie-sized outfit that’s based on Lebanese traditional clothing. I’ve actually had some Sunday School teachers tell me this outfit, plus my monk’s costume for Ken dolls, make excellent costumes for a Sunday School Bible study lesson!

So this week I will continue to offer my patterns and free tutorials for this outfit:

Image of fashion doll in traditional Lebanese doll clothing  resembling the clothes worn by the Biblical characters of Esther, Ruth, Sarai, Naomi, Hagar, Noah's wife, Mary Magdalene, the virgin Mary, Rebecca, etc.
Visit for free, printable sewing patterns and tutorials for making this and other Barbie-sized fashion doll clothes.

All of my patterns are free to print on this page, and if you’re wondering why I offer so many great patterns and tutorials for free, please visit this page.

2 thoughts on “Sew #Bible Character Clothes for #Dolls w/ Free Patterns @ #biblestudy

  1. I am looking for Biblical patterns that will fit 14″ puppets, for males and females. Our 3rd-6th grade kiddos put on a puppet show at our LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) each Easter week-end. I am purchasing puppets from Amazon but I would love to be able to make different costumes for the puppets. Thanks

    1. I had a birthday in March, and for my birthday, I was given some Wellie Wisher and Hearts 4 Hearts dolls. I should soon begin making clothes for them, now that the Barbie wedding set is done. I wasn’t planning to make anything specifically for bible characters, but I could always do pajamas and a bath robe or something that could be adapted for Biblical attire.

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