Sew #BibleStory Clothes or #Lebanese Traditional Clothing for #BarbieDolls (Free Patterns)

Yesterday I showed you how to make the sherwal, the underpants worn with traditional Lebanese clothing. Tomorrow I’ll give you the free, printable pattern for the dress that goes over the sherwal (see image below).

This is not only modeled after traditional Lebanese clothing, but if you think outside the box, it seems like it would make a great costume for playing out the Bible stories in Sunday School. Can’t you just picture Esther, Ruth, or Rebecca dressed in something like this? I think Sunday School teachers could easily adapt this pattern for a number of Bible stories’ characters, and bring them to church for kids to play with.


Image of Black Barbie seated in a Middle-Eastern diorama. She holds a pottery-style pitcher and wears traditional Lebanese clothing or Arabic-looking costume.
Visit for free, printable sewing patterns to fit Barbie and other fashion dolls.

Really, this is more of a petticoat than a dress. I believe it is traditionally worn with another layer over the top. (See Monday’s picture for the full ensemble.) Next week I’ll continue my postings for traditional Lebanese clothing, including the tutorial that shows you how to make this “dress” along with patterns and tutorials for the overcoat, hat, and veil.

As I’ve said before, all of my patterns are free to print on this page, and links are available there for the matching tutorials.

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