Image shows an eight-piece pattern set, designed by Chelly Wood, to be used for sewing a Western shirt and a pair of elastic-waist jeans for an eight inch doll, like the Breyer riders, the eight-inch World of Love Dolls from Hasbro, and Mattel's Stacie dolls. On the pattern, it says that there are instructional videos showing how to make the clothes on a YouTube channel called ChellyWood1, but you can also see these videos at

Sew a #Western Outfit for 8″ #Dolls w/FREE #Sewing Pattern @

Today I’m posting a re-designed pattern for 8″ dolls, like the World of Love™ dolls from Hasbro, the Breyer Rider® dolls from the Breyer toy company, and even the eight-inch Wizard of Oz action figures from MEGO Toys. When my daughter was younger, she was really passionate about her Breyer® horses and dolls, so I designed this pattern for her. She made a bunch of … Continue reading Sew a #Western Outfit for 8″ #Dolls w/FREE #Sewing Pattern @