Image shows an OOAK doll that has been fashioned to represent the doll clothes designer, Chelly Wood, of The doll, with her grey hair and blue glasses, sits in a wicker chair. She wears a hand-made apron and simple doll clothes that have been handmade. She holds a tiny 1:6 scale book that she appears to be reading. On the wall behind her are paintings representing the famous Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet. Beside her is a 1:6 scale tea set decorated with roses. The tea set rests atop a wicker side table. Next to that is a large cabinet filled with books of all kinds in 1:6 scale. One of the shelves also houses the bust of William Shakespeare, which measures about 2 cm tall (approximately half an inch). The doll appears to be engrossed in the book she's reading. At the bottom of the 1:6 scale doll diorama is the URL and watermark that states, " Free doll clothes patterns and tutorials."

Trademarks, Copyrights, and Permissions, OH MY! #FiresideChat about #dolls

Since this blog has been growing (I just reached 2 million hits), it’s no longer fair to call it a personal journal. Lately I think of it as a small business. So it’s time to request permission to use names and images of dolls that have trademarks. Don’t panic, everyone! I’ve already been given formal permission from two doll companies, and one of them is … Continue reading Trademarks, Copyrights, and Permissions, OH MY! #FiresideChat about #dolls