The image shows an 18-inch American Girl doll (Kaya) and an 18 inch Madame Alexander doll playing on a beach. The beach is a home-made diorama including a table cloth-covered wall that looks like a blue sky with quilt-batting clouds overhead and vellum wrapping paper with tinsel on top to look like water on a fake-sand beach. The two dolls seem to be enjoying the sunshine as friends at the beach. The image has a watermark that says " free doll clothes patterns and more." The Madame Alexander doll wears a blue bikini that has been hand-sewn. Its fabric is dotted with little popsicles. The American Girl doll wears a hand-made felt shirt with nautical-print cotton shorts (also sewn by hand). Both girls wear DIY sandals to match.

It’s the end of #August and my #dolls are enjoying the #BeachLife @

Here we see my American Girl doll with her friend, my Madame Alexander. These two doll-friends really remind me of myself and my cousin, Virginia. I was always afraid of the water, and Virginia would dive in before she even got her swimsuit on! Speaking of swimsuits, guess what I’m going to offer as a free pattern this week… Yep, this week I’m going to … Continue reading It’s the end of #August and my #dolls are enjoying the #BeachLife @