#Sew some #Monet -style #DollClothes w/ free patterns @ ChellyWood.com

As some of you know, I went to Paris over the summer to photograph dolls on location. While I was there, I bought a cool poster of Monet’s “Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies” painting. I simply affixed the poster to a piece of foam board to create the backdrop in this image. (I thought those of you who enjoy doll photography might appreciate a … Continue reading #Sew some #Monet -style #DollClothes w/ free patterns @ ChellyWood.com

Free #sewing pattern for #ProjectMC2 #Dolls @ ChellyWood.com

Here’s the pattern I promised, and tomorrow I’ll post one of the two videos I’ve created, showing how to make this adorable basic outfit for slender dolls like the Spin Master Liv Dolls® and Project MC2 Dolls®. The next day, I’ll post the second of the two videos. Now that you have this free, printable pattern, you can make your own wardrobe for Spin Master Liv Dolls®, Project … Continue reading Free #sewing pattern for #ProjectMC2 #Dolls @ ChellyWood.com