Image of patterns for a shirt back, jeans pocket, tie top, tie, and dressy trousers or pants to fit male fashion dolls like Mattel's Ken or Spin Master Liv Doll Jake. Shirt may fit GI Joe dolls, as does the tie pattern. Small print says, "Patterns use 1/4 inch seams. Please enlarge the pattern to fit an 11 x 8.5 inch sheet of American computer paper (216 x 279 mm) before printing. Visit to find the tutorial video to match this pattern.

Male fashion #Dolls’ #Shirt and pants pattern is #7 on my top free sewing patterns list

This is my “Trousers and Dress Shirt” pattern set for male fashion dolls, and it’s #7 on my list of the “Top 15 Downloaded Patterns from” I realize this is just a partial shirt pattern, but the other portion of the shirt pattern will appear later, on my list of the top 15. So hang in there! Meanwhile, if you’re dying to make this … Continue reading Male fashion #Dolls’ #Shirt and pants pattern is #7 on my top free sewing patterns list

Here we see a Ken doll wearing an auburn wig in a hairstyle that was common during the middle ages. His vest is red with gold rickrack. His puff sleeves are made of floral cotton in a gold print. His bi colored trousers are red and white striped on one leg and gold on the other. He wears black boots made of craft felt. He stands in a ballroom with a bust of Shakespeare behind him. On the wall is a family crest in red and blue cotton hanging with a drape effect. The crest symbol is a gold cross. There's a door to the doll's left, as if he could exit the room whenever he's ready.

Free #sewingpattern for Ken #doll vest, shirt, pants, and #boots @

This handsome young man will be playing Count Paris in my dolly rendition of Romeo and Juliet. While we wait for the stop-motion film of Romeo and Juliet to be released, I’m giving away free patterns for all the costumes I’ve designed for this play/film. These patterns will fit many fashion dolls including Ken, G.I. Joe, and more. And here they are for you to … Continue reading Free #sewingpattern for Ken #doll vest, shirt, pants, and #boots @

Image of Spin Master Liv Doll Jake wearing dress shirt, dress pants, and black tie. His arms are crossed. His black Vans-style sneakers clash slightly with his dressy attire.

Sew a Ken doll clothes suit and tie w/ free pattern @ #dollzone #dollstagram

In the past few months, on, I’ve been getting requests for more modern clothes for male dolls. Since I really like the flexibility of the highly articulated Liv Dolls, I thought I’d design some clothes for my male Liv Doll, Jake (from Spin master). These dolls are no longer in production, but they’re available used, if you wish to buy them on eBay. Sometimes I’ll … Continue reading Sew a Ken doll clothes suit and tie w/ free pattern @ #dollzone #dollstagram