Image of Liv Doll wearing comfy, handmade raglan-sleeved T-shirt. Overlay of words say "Liv Doll FREE Tee Shirt pattern and Tutorial"

DIY Raglan-Sleeve #Tshirt Tutorial for #LivDolls @ #Dollstagram

So far, I’ve only made a few Liv Doll clothes patterns, but eventually there will be more to come. Right now, I’m excited about designing doll clothes for Mattel’s new “Tall Barbie,” “Petite Barbie,” and “Curvy Barbie.” So next week, you can look forward to whatever great patterns and tutorials I come up with! But for now, please enjoy this tutorial, which shows you how … Continue reading DIY Raglan-Sleeve #Tshirt Tutorial for #LivDolls @ #Dollstagram

Sewing pattern for doll-sized T-shirt, fits Blythe, Momoko Dolls, Skipper, and Liv Dolls

Sew a Raglan-Sleeve #Tshirt for your #LivDoll w/a FREE pattern @ #dolls

I have owned Liv Dolls for a while, but this is the first clothing pattern I’ve ever made specifically to fit Liv Dolls. It turned out pretty good, though, if you go back to look at the image I posted on Monday (also shown on the pattern itself). And yes, I’d like to make more Liv Doll clothes patterns, but right now, there’s quite a … Continue reading Sew a Raglan-Sleeve #Tshirt for your #LivDoll w/a FREE pattern @ #dolls