The image shows a Mattel Teresa doll in a pretty Quinceañera dresses with tiny white beaded flowers on the front of the pink bodice and a pink long skirt that's overcast by a gorgeous semi-gathered tulle layer on top.

Sew a #Quinceañera Dress for #Barbie® #Dolls w/ Free Pattern @

This is the pattern and tutorial for the quintessential Barbie® quinceañera dress. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the celebration of the quinceañera, it’s something akin to the American tradition of the “sweet 16” party. When a girl turns 15, her father admits that his little girl is finally a woman. She is given her last and final doll–in this case, a Barbie®–and her … Continue reading Sew a #Quinceañera Dress for #Barbie® #Dolls w/ Free Pattern @

Image of Tammy doll in black dress with harlequin pinafore (renaissance style)

#Vintage Tammy Doll in #RomeoandJuliet #StopMotion Video

Here’s a picture of my Tammy doll all dressed up for her role as an extra in my upcoming dolly version of Romeo and Juliet. This week I’ll be posting a free pattern, so you can sew your Tammy doll a dress too. I’ll also show you how to make the dress, the pinafore, and the snood, during this week’s posts. But best of all, I’ll … Continue reading #Vintage Tammy Doll in #RomeoandJuliet #StopMotion Video

Free #fiestadequinceaños Dress #Pattern to Sew

This week I’m going to show you how to sew the following quinceañera or wedding dress for Barbie dolls. Here’s the pattern I made for the bodice portion of this design. It’s free for you to download, print, and sew. Tomorrow I’ll give you the skirt pattern. When you download this printable pattern, make sure you enlarge it to fit a piece of computer paper before you … Continue reading Free #fiestadequinceaños Dress #Pattern to Sew