A Project MC Squared Bryden Bandweth doll models a pirate costume while standing on a sandy beach with a harbor behind her. Her black felt tricorn hat has a Jolly Roger embroidered on the front flap. Here folded collar long shirt has lace edges along the sleeve openings. She wears a black felt vest and a pair of short trousers. Her shoes are black felt Colonial style shoes with big silver buckles.

ChellyWood.com’s #Pirate costume is complete! #Dolls #Sewing

This week I’ll post the FREE printable sewing pattern for the pantaloons/trousers that go with the small-bodied doll’s pirate outfit I’ve designed. I’ll also post the video tutorial showing you how to make these Colonial-style pantaloons. (They’re also great for a pair of capris.) Remember these patterns will fit most small-bodied dolls in the 10-inch to 11-inch height range. So that means they’ll fit Project … Continue reading ChellyWood.com’s #Pirate costume is complete! #Dolls #Sewing