Image shows 8-inch doll wearing a pioneer-style bonnet. Overlay says, "Free doll bonnet pattern and tutorial" and also includes the website's watermark:

#DIY Bonnet for small #Dolls also fits #MomokoDoll

I posted this doll bonnet pattern yesterday, but for easy-access, here’s the link again: Pattern for Bonnet and Pioneer Dress It’s easy to print this pattern using the instructions found in my “How to Print Patterns” video, although I do need to update that video, as we no longer use the Old Pattern Page as much as we do the Gallery these days. Please note: you … Continue reading #DIY Bonnet for small #Dolls also fits #MomokoDoll

Image of sewing patterns used to make a hat, vest, and collar for American Girl dolls or other 18 inch dolls

Free #Bonnet Pattern fit #18inchDolls Like American Girl and #MadameAlexander @

This week I’m still working on the Swedish Traditional Costume that I designed to fit 18″ dolls like American Girl dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, and others. This is actually a re-post. All of my free, 18-inch doll clothes patterns have already been posted. You can find them on this page (scroll to the bottom). Tomorrow I’ll re-post Pattern D, which is also necessary for making … Continue reading Free #Bonnet Pattern fit #18inchDolls Like American Girl and #MadameAlexander @