In this photograph, a Madame Alexander 18 inch doll models a traditional Swedish costume. This costume includes a little bonnet, a shirt with a collar and cuffs, a lace-up vest, a black skirt, and a folk apron. There's also a traditional Swedish "pocket purse" made of embroidered felt attached to the waistband of the apron. Although it's not pictured here, the costume also includes a neckerchief.

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Today I’m going to give you everything you need–free patterns and links to my tutorials–so you can make the Swedish traditional costume shown above.  The costume was designed to fit my Madame Alexander doll, but a lot of times the MA dolls’ clothes can also fit American Girl dolls as well. Here are the patterns I designed: Pattern A (Bonnet, Vest, and Collar) Pattern B … Continue reading FREE #holiday #craft patterns for 18″ #Dolls @

Visit for FREE printable sewing patterns and tutorials for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a Sewing Pattern for Fashion Dolls' Pilgrim Pattern FREE (Fits Barbie and other 11.5 inch 1/6 scale dolls).

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This doll is dressed to play Juliet’s nurse in my dolls’ stop-motion version of Romeo and Juliet, but with Thanksgiving (USA) right around the corner, I thought I’d point out that her costume would be ideal for making a fashion doll version of the pilgrims who sailed on the Mayflower and landed a Plymouth Rock. Here are all the patterns and tutorials you’ll need, if … Continue reading #Thanksgiving #Pilgrim Costume Fits Most 11.5-inch Fashion #Dolls

To access the free PDF sewing pattern, please click on the link in the caption. This is an image of a vintage Tammy doll (produced by Ideal Toy Corp in the 1960's) wearing a handmade ball gown, snood, pinafore, and detached sleeves in a renaissance style. offers a free PDF sewing pattern for making these doll clothes to fit the Ideal Toy Corporation Tammy Dolls.

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That’s a vintage Tammy doll (made by Ideal) wearing an elegant long dress with medieval-style pinafore and snood. I posted this pattern a very long time ago, but I noticed it was missing from my gallery page. So this week, I’m going to re-post these free patterns, plus the tutorials for making the long-sleeved gown, the pinafore, and the snood. It’s very similar in design for … Continue reading #Elegant doll #dressPatterns are free @ #dollstagram

Image of 18-inch doll wearing a Traditional Swedish costume, along with patterns to make parts of that costume, including a Swedish traditional pocket purse.

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Once again, this is a re-post. You see, this week I’m making the bonnet portion of the Swedish traditional costume I designed to fit American Girl dolls and other 18″ dolls. Wouldn’t this be great for a pilgrim costume? That’s what I was thinking! If you want to make your own pilgrim outfit, using my free patterns, just scroll to the bottom of this page. … Continue reading Free sewing patterns for #Children’s #dollClothes @ #pilgrim bonnet