Image of Barbie doll in harlequin costume with the words "sewing tutorial" overlaid.

#Sew a Pair of #Renaissance Pants for Ken or #BarbieDoll

This week I’ve been sharing the patterns and YouTube tutorials I’ve created as I designed a costume for my Ken doll to wear in my upcoming stop-motion film of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Ken will be playing Count Paris, Juliet’s fiancee. His costume includes a puff-sleeve shirt, bi-colored pants, a vest, and some accessories. This tutorial will show you how to make Ken’s bi-colored renaissance … Continue reading #Sew a Pair of #Renaissance Pants for Ken or #BarbieDoll

Thumbnail of Barbie and ken in hand-sewn doll clothes with header, "barbie or ken pants sewing tutorial"

#Twilight Doll Clothes #Sewing Tutorial for #Jasper’s Pants

Now, this is my basic pants tutorial. It can be used to make pants for Ken, Barbie, and yes, Jasper too. However, you’ll notice on Monday’s post, that Jasper’s pants have stitching along the outside of the pants. They’re also all one color, as opposed to the bi-colored pants you see most in this video. Make note of these differences, as they’ll be mentioned in … Continue reading #Twilight Doll Clothes #Sewing Tutorial for #Jasper’s Pants