Image shows Texas A & M Ken doll dressed in medieval clothing. He wears a black cloak. Above his head is a miniature torch, with its flame painted red, orange, and yellow. The doll stands over another male doll, whose face is obscured. The doll laying on the ground wears richly decorated Renaissance clothing with gold embroidery and a fancy muffin cap. The expression on the face of the Texas A & M ken doll is one of grief and regret. Part of the scene to the right appears to be obscured. This is a miniature "Barbie and Ken" version of Romeo and Juliet, and we find ourselves looking at the scene in the tomb, when Romeo has just stabbed Tybalt. To learn more, please visit

DIY Cape or #Medieval #Cloak for #FashionDolls @

  This week I’m featuring a sweepstakes giveaway contest for a cool ninja costume that fits Barbie® and many other, similar-sized fashion dolls. Yesterday I showed you how to make your own miniature sword, sheath, and belt, using my free, printable sewing patterns and YouTube tutorials. Today I’m showing you how to make a cool ninja cape or cloak, to go with your ninja costume. … Continue reading DIY Cape or #Medieval #Cloak for #FashionDolls @