Please visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a Draculaura Monster High doll wearing a green plaid dress with puff sleeves. The fabric is also dotted with little shamrocks. Behind Draculaura is a tiny, 1:6 scale table set with a pink and white floral decorated tea set, complete with cup and saucer, teapot, and sugar dish. On the wall behind Draculaura is a painting of Romeo and Juliet. The overlay says, "MH Doll Dress DIY" and offers the website

#MonsterHigh #dolls’ dress tutorial on #YouTube

Here’s my YouTube tutorial for the dress pattern I posted yesterday. To make this doll dress, you’ll need the free pattern: Click here for free dress pattern Click here to watch the video showing how to use bias tape for making sleeve cuffs If you need any help downloading my free patterns, remember, I’ve got tutorials showing you exactly how to download free patterns. This … Continue reading #MonsterHigh #dolls’ dress tutorial on #YouTube

Image shows a 17-inch Freak du Chic Gooliope doll wearing handmade jeans and a handmade shirt. The overlay says, "FREE MH jeans pattern and tutorial" with the URL of a website offered: The entire layout sits atop a rectangular background of swirls and ashy-pink flowers.

Sew a pair of 17-inch #MH #dolls’ jeans w/FREE #DollClothes pattern @

To print the sewing pattern for these jeans/pants that fit the tall Monster High™ (or other 17-inch slender) dolls, please click here. As is my usual routine, I’ll post links to all the parts and pieces of this doll’s outfit when I’m done posting the individual patterns and tutorials. Therefore, you won’t find this particular outfit on my Gallery Page until later, when I’ve posted … Continue reading Sew a pair of 17-inch #MH #dolls’ jeans w/FREE #DollClothes pattern @

Image shows a printable paper pattern for sewing a doll clothes outfit for the 17.5-inch "Freak du Chic" Monster High dolls (or dolls of a similar size and shape). This pattern includes a sleeveless shirt pattern and a jeans pattern.

Sew #MHdolls 17-inch #dolls jeans w/FREE pattern from

This week I’m going to show you how to make a pair of elastic-waist jeans for a 17-inch doll with a very slender waist, like the 17.5-inch Monster High® dolls from the “Freak du Chic” collection. When I first saw the Monster High® dolls, I was concerned. “Is this doll generating a negative body image for girls?” I wondered. And then I stumbled across a video … Continue reading Sew #MHdolls 17-inch #dolls jeans w/FREE pattern from