Please visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a Draculaura Monster High doll wearing a green plaid dress with puff sleeves. The fabric is also dotted with little shamrocks. Behind Draculaura is a tiny, 1:6 scale table set with a pink and white floral decorated tea set, complete with cup and saucer, teapot, and sugar dish. On the wall behind Draculaura is a painting of Romeo and Juliet. The overlay says, "MH Doll Dress DIY" and offers the website

#MonsterHigh #dolls’ dress tutorial on #YouTube

Here’s my YouTube tutorial for the dress pattern I posted yesterday. To make this doll dress, you’ll need the free pattern: Click here for free dress pattern Click here to watch the video showing how to use bias tape for making sleeve cuffs If you need any help downloading my free patterns, remember, I’ve got tutorials showing you exactly how to download free patterns. This … Continue reading #MonsterHigh #dolls’ dress tutorial on #YouTube

In this photo, we see a Gooliope Jellington doll from the Freak du Chic Monster High doll collection modeling a pair of elastic waist denim jeans and a bright yellow sleeveless felt shirt in front of a brick wall with her arm extended in front of her as if reaching for an object. She stands with feet slightly apart, so we can see that the jeans have a narrow cut.

MH 17-inch “Freak du Chic” and similar-sized dolls’ clothes sewing patterns (free, printable)

This is one of my easiest sewing projects on, so I think even some of you sewing beginners out there will find it easy to make. Here’s a collection of links to sewing patterns and tutorials showing you how to make the ensemble pictured above: FREE printable pattern for yellow felt top and jeans Tutorial showing how to make the yellow felt top Tutorial … Continue reading MH 17-inch “Freak du Chic” and similar-sized dolls’ clothes sewing patterns (free, printable)

Image shows a printable paper pattern for sewing a doll clothes outfit for the 17.5-inch "Freak du Chic" Monster High dolls (or dolls of a similar size and shape). This pattern includes a sleeveless shirt pattern and a jeans pattern.

Sew #MHdolls 17-inch #dolls jeans w/FREE pattern from

This week I’m going to show you how to make a pair of elastic-waist jeans for a 17-inch doll with a very slender waist, like the 17.5-inch Monster High® dolls from the “Freak du Chic” collection. When I first saw the Monster High® dolls, I was concerned. “Is this doll generating a negative body image for girls?” I wondered. And then I stumbled across a video … Continue reading Sew #MHdolls 17-inch #dolls jeans w/FREE pattern from

Image of fashion doll in traditional Lebanese doll clothing resembling the clothes worn by the Biblical characters of Esther, Ruth, Sarai, Naomi, Hagar, Noah's wife, Mary Magdalene, the virgin Mary, Rebecca, etc.

Sew a #Bible character dress for #SundaySchool #Barbies w/free pattern @

Today I’m going to show you how to make this traditional Lebanese doll dress, which has been popular with Sunday School teachers, as it makes a super costume for Bible Characters like Esther, Ruth, Mary Magdalene, and Sarah. It really looks a lot like the old testament characters’ outfits, even though it’s basically an Arabic costume in terms of its design. A word of warning: … Continue reading Sew a #Bible character dress for #SundaySchool #Barbies w/free pattern @

Image shows Ken doll wearing black jeans or pants and a red and grey raglan-style T-shirt. He stands next to a Barbie doll who wears a raglan-sleeved T-shirt with a pencil-style knit skirt. They appear to be chatting on a boardwalk overlooking an ocean view. The sky is sunny behind them. Visit Chelly Wood Dot Com for more free, printable sewing patterns like this one.

#Sew a #Tshirt for male or female #FashionDolls w/ FREE pattern @

  As you can see in the image above, I’ve designed a raglan-style T-shirt for both male and female fashion dolls, and I’ve posted those patterns and tutorials here, along with the pattern for the pencil skirt (and its coinciding tutorial) and the pattern for my favorite pants for male fashion dolls like Ken™ and Jake. FREE Raglan Sleeved Shirt Pattern for Male Fashion Dolls Raglan Sleeved T-Shirt Tutorial for … Continue reading #Sew a #Tshirt for male or female #FashionDolls w/ FREE pattern @