Image shows a printable paper pattern for sewing a doll clothes outfit for the 17.5-inch "Freak du Chic" Monster High dolls (or dolls of a similar size and shape). This pattern includes a sleeveless shirt pattern and a jeans pattern.

MH #DollClothes pattern is #FREE @ for 17-inch #Dolls

Yes, I realize I posted this last week, but we were working on the jeans pattern then. This week we’re focusing on Gooliope’s™ easy-to-sew doll shirt pattern. We’ll be making this shirt out of felt, which makes it especially simple because it doesn’t need to be hemmed! Even if you’re just learning to sew (heck, even if you’re a small child learning to sew), this … Continue reading MH #DollClothes pattern is #FREE @ for 17-inch #Dolls

Image shows the Monster High Doll called "Gooliope" from the "Freak du Chic" doll collection, wearing a hand-made felt shirt. Overlay offers the website where the free patterns for sewing this shirt can be found: " free printable sewing patterns and tutorials for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

Preview of #MHdolls (17-inch #dolls) #EasySew project: felt top @

Last week I offered my patterns and tutorial for making the outfit shown above, which has been designed to fit very slender 17-inch dolls, like the Monster High™ dolls from the “Freak du Chic”™ collection. The doll shown wearing my hand-made doll clothes is called Gooliope™ (pronounced goo-LIE-oh-pee). This week I’ll be sharing the pattern for this outfit once again, and then I’ll post the … Continue reading Preview of #MHdolls (17-inch #dolls) #EasySew project: felt top @