Image shows the Monster High Doll called "Gooliope" from the "Freak du Chic" doll collection, wearing a hand-made felt shirt. Overlay offers the website where the free patterns for sewing this shirt can be found: " free printable sewing patterns and tutorials for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

Preview of #MHdolls (17-inch #dolls) #EasySew project: felt top @

Last week I offered my patterns and tutorial for making the outfit shown above, which has been designed to fit very slender 17-inch dolls, like the Monster High™ dolls from the “Freak du Chic”™ collection. The doll shown wearing my hand-made doll clothes is called Gooliope™ (pronounced goo-LIE-oh-pee). This week I’ll be sharing the pattern for this outfit once again, and then I’ll post the … Continue reading Preview of #MHdolls (17-inch #dolls) #EasySew project: felt top @