The image shows a Petite Barbie modeling a turquoise blue felt and cotton easy-to-sew sun dress in front of a garden of roses. The dress has a full skirt made of striped cotton fabric in multiple shades of turquoise blue. Its skirt is very short, coming to about mid-thigh on the doll. The bodice is a simple strappy bodice with darts. The doll's dangling plastic earrings match the turquoise blue of the felt bodice. The ribbon straps are made of 1/8 inch white satin ribbon. The doll has dark chocolate complexion and very curly black hair. The roses behind her are different shades of pink and red and white, and in the distant background, we see a lovely brick building with arches.

Short dress or ruffled top free #sewing pattern fits #pregnant Barbie

I recently received a question on my “Submit a question” page about which outfits (from my Gallery Page) would fit Pregnant Barbie. I suggested this universal dress pattern, which fits nearly every fashion doll I’ve ever tried it on. The short version of the dress can also double as a ruffle-edged top, which is perfect for the expecting mother in DollVille. Here’s the pattern you’ll … Continue reading Short dress or ruffled top free #sewing pattern fits #pregnant Barbie