Image shows Monster High doll Lagoona Blue wearing a purple floral crop top. Overlay says, "monster dolls' shirt DIY" and offers the following website:

#DIY Monster High #Dolls’ Clothes (Shirt) @ #Dollstagram

Here we have my latest DIY tutorial, which shows you how to turn my pioneer dress pattern’s bodice into a crop top that fits the Breyer® Rider dolls, Ever After High® dolls, and Monster High® dolls too. It looks great with the pants I posted earlier this week and even the Victorian bloomers (pantaloons) that I posted the week before. As my regular followers know, all of my patterns are free and … Continue reading #DIY Monster High #Dolls’ Clothes (Shirt) @ #Dollstagram

#MonsterHigh and #EverAfterHigh #dolls clothes FREE Shirt Pattern @

Confused? Don’t be. Yes, we’ve seen the pioneer dress pattern before, but I used the bodice portion of the pioneer dress pattern above to create these cute little crop tops, which are shown below: And here’s Lagoona Blue wearing a shirt made from the same free printable doll clothes pattern: Since it fits the Monster High® dolls, it seems like it’s a no-brainer to say that it … Continue reading #MonsterHigh and #EverAfterHigh #dolls clothes FREE Shirt Pattern @

Image is a free, printable sewing pattern for small dolls' long sleeve shirt and elastic-waist pants. Image shows a monster high doll wearing the pants and a Breyer rider doll wearing both the pants and shirt. Image says to enlarge the pattern to fit a full-sized piece of american printer paper before printing. The watermark says " free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

FREE printable sewing pattern for #Breyer® #Rider #Dolls @

Here’s the pattern I designed for my daughter’s Breyer® rider dolls. The Breyer® traditional dolls are an 8″ doll, so I discovered to my pleasure, that these outfits also fit my World of Love doll from Hasbro®! While trying things on, I discovered that Lagoona Blue, my Monster High® doll, could wear the pants (but they look a bit like cropped pants on her). In … Continue reading FREE printable sewing pattern for #Breyer® #Rider #Dolls @