Image of a pattern used for sewing an Instagram logo pillow

Instagram Logo #PillowPattern #2

Today on, I’m sharing the 2nd pattern for making an Instagram logo pillow. Yesterday I shared the 1st. Tomorrow I’ll post my YouTube tutorial, showing everyone how this baby’s put together. For now, though, these are the shapes I used for the inner circle, the brown box (flash), and the heart inside the brown box. As with all my free patterns, if you download … Continue reading Instagram Logo #PillowPattern #2

Image of letters that read INSTA for sewing an Instagram logo pillow

#Instagram Pillow #Pattern

Here’s the pattern I made for the Instagram logo pillow I showed on my blog, yesterday. This is just one of two patterns I’ll be sharing this week. Here you see the strip I used for the rainbow pieces, the pattern used for the letters, and the brown oval shape behind the letters. You’ll need two copies of this pattern. First, enlarge the pattern until … Continue reading #Instagram Pillow #Pattern