The image shows a typical fashion doll like Barbie wearing a handmade skirt of holiday fabric and a blouse made of solid color yellow fabric. The skirt appears to be made of shamrock print cotton fabric, but there are tiny yellow shamrocks in the print, which matches the yellow of her blouse. The logo reminds us to go to for free printable PDF sewing patterns to make our 4th of July or other holiday outfits for doll clothes.

Make a 4th of July Outfit for Barbie w/free patterns @ #IndependenceDay #DollClothesPatterns

For your free patterns and tutorial videos, please scroll down to the second set of bullets. If you’re from the United States, like I am, you’re probably wondering, “What in the heck?” Yes, I’m re-posting my St. Patrick’s day maxi skirt with reversible blouse pattern for my Independence Day “inspiration” page! Use your imagination… What if you made the shamrock skirt out of one of … Continue reading Make a 4th of July Outfit for Barbie w/free patterns @ #IndependenceDay #DollClothesPatterns

Image of Barbie doll in handkerchief-style head scarf with overlaying words "sew a head scarf for your fashion dolls"

#DIY #dolls’ scarf for #IndependenceDay @

This completes my Independence Day outfit for fashion dolls. Here’s the pattern you’ll need to make the headscarf. If you’re interested in making the purse that you also see in that pattern, let me direct your attention to an older post that offers both the pattern and the tutorial video for making a fashion doll purse. Incidentally, this headscarf pattern is part of a summer … Continue reading #DIY #dolls’ scarf for #IndependenceDay @