The title of this YouTube video tutorial header is: "American Girl Doll Craft Videos on Youtube Duffle Bag Duffel Bag Gym Bag Kit Travel Bag" because this video will show you how to make a travel bag for 18-inch dolls (46 cm dolls) like American Girl dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, Liberty Jane, and similar dolls. The overlay watermark on this YouTube title page says "" which is the watermark for this tutorial video's creator. This video is a DIY tutorial video (found on youtube) which shows you how to make your own gym bag, gymnastics bag, duffle bag (also spelled duffel bag), kit, overnight bag or travel bag for dolls. It comes with a free printable sewing pattern. This duffle bag pattern is great for anyone making gymnastics doll clothes, and who also wants a place to put their gymnastics stuff for their American girl dolls. The patterns are free at

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Monday you saw the previews. Tuesday and Wednesday I gave you the free patterns. Today we’re watching the DIY video that shows you how to make this gym bag / kit / duffle or duffel bag. Gymnastics-themed patterns have been rising in popularity, so I thought I’d point out that this travel bag for 18-inch dolls like American Girl (AG), Madame Alexander, and others would … Continue reading 18-inch #Dolls #Gymnastics Bag #DIY w/free #sewing patterns @

The image shows a free printable doll clothes sewing pattern for making a DIY gym bag, duffle bag, kit bag, or duffel bag for American Girl 18" dolls. This is also the free printable pattern for making a no-sew slide-style shoe, flip-flop, thong, or sandal to fit 18" American Girl dolls and Madame Alexander dolls (46 cm), or any other dolls in that size range. The pattern is marked with the website and the creative commons attribution symbol. The sandal pattern is marked with an easy-to-sew mark and the travel bag is marked with a more advanced sewing project symbol. This free printable sewing pattern is designed to accompany doll clothes that also have free patterns for 18" or 18-inch or 46 cm dolls like American Girl and Madame Alexander and Liberty Jane dolls.

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Here’s the first of two patterns for a gym bag (sometimes called a duffel bag, kit bag, or for an alternate spelling, a duffle bag). This pattern works great for American Girl dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, and other 18″ dolls (46 cm dolls): Download Gym Bag Pattern A Here I can’t post this without saying a big thank-you to Brian Garcia for the prototype for … Continue reading Sew a #Gym Bag w/Free #Patterns for 18″ (46 cm) #dolls @