Click on the link provided for the tutorial video on how to make cloth-covered buttons for your doll clothes. The image shows Mattel's "Curvy Barbie" modeling a sleeveless top with cloth covered buttons. Each button also has a braided hoop made using embroidery floss. You can find the free printable sewing patterns and tutorial videos for making this shirt and its buttons at

#Button Hook Tutorial Helps You Alter #DollClothes

Today’s tutorial is not for the beginning sewist. There. Now you’ve been warned! But if you’re suddenly feeling panicked because you were really excited about watching the video on how to make my Curvy Barbie™ crop top pattern, don’t get your dolly knickers in a bunch! I’ve got another tutorial on the way, to show you how to make the crop top without all these fancy … Continue reading #Button Hook Tutorial Helps You Alter #DollClothes