The image shows a free printable sewing pattern for a very basic easy-to-sew pattern for a felt shirt that's designed to fit 18-inch dolls (46 cm dolls) like American Girl dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, Journey Girls, and many similar-sized dolls. On the pattern itself, it shows Kaya, the 18-inch AG doll, wearing a pair of nautical-style summer shorts and a felt shirt, both of which were handmade using patterns from This pattern was also used to make the felt shirt shown on a 46 cm Madame Alexander doll which is pictured with the pattern. This pattern comes with a measurement tool, to make sure you're printing it correctly. It also has a free tutorial video showing how to sew it together. This pattern is ideal for beginners and children who are new to sewing. It's a very easy pattern to follow. It has been marked with "Creative Commons Attribution" which means you're allowed to use the pattern, but please let people know where you got this pattern. Share the pattern on social media with a link to the website where you found it. The image is also watermarked " free printable patterns and tutorials" for making dolls' clothes.

Free #patterns for 18-inch #dolls’ easy- #sew shirt @

It doesn’t get easier than this! Here’s my free printable pattern for an easy-to-sew felt shirt, which is designed to fit 18-inch (46 cm) dolls like American Girl and Madame Alexander dolls (among others). Tomorrow I’ll post my tutorial showing you how to sew it together. Remember the Creative Commons Attribution mark on my patterns simply means that you may freely use my patterns, but … Continue reading Free #patterns for 18-inch #dolls’ easy- #sew shirt @

Kids #Sew: Make a #Dolls Dress w/ Free #Fashionistas Pattern

It seems like this particular tutorial has already been a hit on my YouTube Channel, as I only posted it three days ago, and it already has almost 50 hits. Wow! In case you aren’t aware, I posted the pattern for this Easy-Sew Project yesterday, but it might be even easier to search for the pattern link on my Gallery Page (to be posted after … Continue reading Kids #Sew: Make a #Dolls Dress w/ Free #Fashionistas Pattern