Image of collectible "Dorothy" doll from the Wizard of Oz collection wearing handmade skirt in a western-style print fabric and a solid black crop top.

Sneak Peek on How to make #Breyer #DollClothes w/ my free #Patterns

This is just a preview of some of the doll clothes patterns I’ve designed for Breyer dolls. Breyer is most well-known for making model horses, but they have some beautiful dolls that are highly articulated. They range from 7 to 8 inches high. These clothing patterns can fit similar-sized dolls, like the World of Love collectible dolls from Hasbro and this “Dorothy” doll from The … Continue reading Sneak Peek on How to make #Breyer #DollClothes w/ my free #Patterns

Image of World of Love "Soul" doll in renaissance doublet (vest) with white long-sleeved shirt and simple hat

Tutorial for #Sewing a Renaissance Doublet (Vest) for #Miniature #Dolls

This vest pattern was specifically designed to fit my World of Love doll (from Hasbro). However, I don’t doubt it would be easily adapted for dolls like Stacie (Barbie’s little sister), and small dollhouse dolls. I’m certain that it’s too small to fit Blythe or Momoko dolls, and I am also sure it’s too small for Skipper. Once again, if you enjoy my free patterns … Continue reading Tutorial for #Sewing a Renaissance Doublet (Vest) for #Miniature #Dolls