This image shows a fashion doll like Barbie wearing a pair of tights made from a single sock. This is a fairly easy sew-by-hand project, even for kids, so the overlay says, "Easy-sew projects for kids: doll tights" and the instructional /tutorial video showing how to make doll stockings / tights / leotards from a sock can be found on the free doll clothes patterns website:

Here’s an easy #sewing project for #crafty #kids @!

This is, by far, one of my easiest sewing projects here on It’s true that I posted this video back in October, as part of the Halloween cat costume project, but these tights would be great with a Christmas ballerina costume, a holiday dress, or just as a fun afternoon project to do with kids during the Christmas break! This easy DIY project does … Continue reading Here’s an easy #sewing project for #crafty #kids @!