The image shows a Disney Princess Cinderella doll wearing handmade doll clothes. The overlay says "Doll Skirt" and offers the url where a person can find the free printable sewing pattern for making the skirt shown in the image. All patterns are free and printable. This pattern is being offered as a free pdf download and Microsoft Word downloadable pattern. It has a matching free tutorial video showing how to make the skirt yourself.

#SewingBlogger Thursday: #Dolls’ Skirt #Sewing Extravaganza! @

The video tutorial above is really just a re-design of an older (but very popular) tutorial, showing how to make an elastic-waist skirt for fashion dolls. The original tutorial had no video clips, so in this re-design, I’ve made it a point to add video clips wherever I think it might help. This week on, we’ve been revisiting one of my St. Patrick’s Day … Continue reading #SewingBlogger Thursday: #Dolls’ Skirt #Sewing Extravaganza! @