The image shows a Disney Princess Cinderella doll wearing handmade doll clothes. The overlay says "Doll Skirt" and offers the url where a person can find the free printable sewing pattern for making the skirt shown in the image. All patterns are free and printable. This pattern is being offered as a free pdf download and Microsoft Word downloadable pattern. It has a matching free tutorial video showing how to make the skirt yourself.

#SewingBlogger Thursday: #Dolls’ Skirt #Sewing Extravaganza! @

The video tutorial above is really just a re-design of an older (but very popular) tutorial, showing how to make an elastic-waist skirt for fashion dolls. The original tutorial had no video clips, so in this re-design, I’ve made it a point to add video clips wherever I think it might help. This week on, we’ve been revisiting one of my St. Patrick’s Day … Continue reading #SewingBlogger Thursday: #Dolls’ Skirt #Sewing Extravaganza! @

The pattern displayed on this page is designed to fit the 14-inch Hearts4Hearts Girl doll, the 15-inch Wellie Wisher doll, and the 16-inch Crissy/Velvet doll from Ideal (Crissy's cousin). This skirt pattern uses an elastic waist and can be sewn using cotton, polyester, denim, or other fabrics. It's a versatile pattern for dolls, fitting dolls of many shapes and sizes. The pattern is one of two free patterns which must be cut out and taped together before you use the pattern for making a doll's "schoolgirl" style skirt for back to school. These and many other patterns are free at, as they use the "creative commons attribution" symbol.

Free doll clothes patterns: #sew a #skirt for 14-inch, 15-inch, or 16-inch #dolls

Today’s pattern is the second of a two-piece pattern that I’m posting here for a free download. If you need help downloading and printing my free patterns, visit this tutorial for help. Once you’ve mastered the art of downloading free doll clothes patterns, here are both patterns for easy copy/paste: Pattern 1 for back-to-school skirt Pattern 2 for back-to-school skirt As you’ll see in tomorrow’s … Continue reading Free doll clothes patterns: #sew a #skirt for 14-inch, 15-inch, or 16-inch #dolls