Visit for free, printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Images shows 8-inch Hasbro World of Love "Soul" doll wearing a renaissance costume, including a bi-colored pair of pants, a bi-colored vest, a white long-sleeved shirt, flannel boots, and a flannel hat. She is dressed to play the part of "Benvolio" in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Behind her is a wall that has been painted to look like arched doorways in a Renaissance setting. These doll clothes patterns are free and printable on Chelly Wood dot com, and video tutorials are available for free as well. The patterns fit most 8" fashion dolls, like Stacie, Breyer dolls, and 8" dollhouse dolls.

Free printable #dollclothes patterns for 8-inch #dollhouse #dolls @

In my dolly version of Romeo and Juliet, I cast Soul from Hasbro’s World of Love dolls as my Benvolio character. Soul is a fabulous little 8″ doll from the 1970’s, and her clothes will fit Breyer™ dolls as well as Mattel’s early 8″ Stacie™ dolls. I’d venture to guess most 8″ dolls will be able to fit into these patterns. Here are links to … Continue reading Free printable #dollclothes patterns for 8-inch #dollhouse #dolls @

#1 #DollClothes Tutorial on is… #DollBoots! Happy #2016 Everyone!

Are you surprised? I was! For a long time, it was the Ken pants that kept the lead. For the holidays, here on, I’ve been doing a countdown to New Year’s eve. If you look past through my December posts, you’ll find my top 15 videos from my YouTube channel. But tonight, for New Year’s eve, I’m posting the #1 doll-and-miniatures-related video from my channel. … Continue reading #1 #DollClothes Tutorial on is… #DollBoots! Happy #2016 Everyone!

Image of Ken Doll dressed handsomely in prince costume. Title overlay says, "Sewing Tutorial."

Ken Doll Boots Video Tutorial

On Monday, I showed you the image of my Mercutio Ken doll’s completed costume. Then, on Tuesday, I gave you the pattern for his costume. On Wednesday, I offered a tutorial showing how to make Mercutio’s doublet for Ken dolls. Yesterday you got to see how to make bi-colored pants, like those my Mercutio Ken will be wearing in my Barbie version of Romeo and … Continue reading Ken Doll Boots Video Tutorial

Image of Ken doll wearing boots made of felt; also there's an image of the boot pattern which is free to download from

Boot #Sewing #Pattern for Ken #Dolls

On Monday I posted my little boot pattern for dollhouse miniatures, Blythe, Momoko, and World of Love dolls. Then, on Tuesday, I taught you how to make Jesus sandals (also great for a Barbie nativity scene). Today I’m going to share my boot pattern, which I use with Ken dolls. Tomorrow I’d like to post a new tutorial, showing you how to make these boots: … Continue reading Boot #Sewing #Pattern for Ken #Dolls