Visit for free, printable sewing patterns and tutorials for dolls of many shapes and sizes. This image shows a Polly Pocket doll waving her hand. She wears a gathered blue striped skirt and yellow felt tank top. The image also has overlapping words that say, "Easy-Sew Projects for Kids: how to gather fabric." The tutorial that goes with this image demonstrates for beginners how to gather a doll's skirt.

#DIYprojects for #Kids and #Moms: how to gather a #dolls skirt @

Yesterday I posted the first tutorial video in my “Easy-Sew Projects for Kids” series, showing everyone how to make a dress for Polly Pocket™. One of the steps in making most doll dresses is gathering the fabric. Since it extended the length of my Polly Pocket™ dress-making video, I thought I’d shorten future videos by including this how-to video in the links of future Easy … Continue reading #DIYprojects for #Kids and #Moms: how to gather a #dolls skirt @