Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. The image shows a printable free pattern for baby doll diapers or nappies. This free doll clothes pattern is easy to download and print at where you can also find free tutorial youtube videos showing how to make these diy dolly diapers for your doll's diaper bag or nappy carry-all. The image shows the website where this free diaper / nappy pattern is downloadable and printable.

Let’s #sew a wee #diaper for baby #dolls w/free #pattern at!

Today I’m posting the free printable sewing pattern for making your 8.5-inch (or 20 cm) doll a diaper or nappy for her/his little diaper bag or carry-all. If you need help printing my free sewing pattern for this diaper (which uses a Velcro closure), please take a look back at this tutorial, which is designed to help you print your free patterns from this website. … Continue reading Let’s #sew a wee #diaper for baby #dolls w/free #pattern at!