The image shows a Curvy Barbie walking in a garden. She wears handmade high-waisted shorts and a handmade crop top. The purple floral cotton fabric of her shirt and shorts contrasts against the green background of the garden. The overlay reminds you to visit for your free printable PDF sewing patterns for making this adorable summer outfit for Curvy Barbie dolls and similar sized dolls.

#CurvyBarbie™ #SewingPattern is free @ #dolls

The photo above shows my lovely Curvy Barbie® going for a stroll in the gardens around Montmartre in Paris, France. Yes, I really took my dolls with me to Paris a while back, and I had a blast taking photos of them all over the city! But that’s just a side note. The real reason you’re visiting my website is to download my free patterns and … Continue reading #CurvyBarbie™ #SewingPattern is free @ #dolls