The image shows a highly articulated Breyer Rider doll (made by the Breyer model horse company), and the doll appears to be standing in a museum filled with classical works of art, including sculpture and paintings. The doll wears a sweater (jumper in the UK) and a short houndstooth skirt with ballet flats. Please click on the link in the caption to navigate to a page where you can download and print free PDF sewing patterns for making this and other doll clothes to fit your 8" or 9" (20 cm, 21 cm, 22 cm, or 23 cm) dolls like the Breyer Riders, Bratz dolls, Stacie dolls from Mattel (Barbie's little sister), Hasbro's World of Love vintage dolls, and Mego action figures, among others.

Make this outfit for your 8-inch or 9-inch (20-23 cm) dolls w/a free pattern @ #TinyThings #DollClothes

Please scroll down to the second set of bullets for the free printable PDF sewing pattern and links to all additional relevant tutorial videos. This week’s newest video tutorial showed you how to make a miniature houndstooth skirt for your 8″ to 9″ (20-23 cm) fashion dolls, and today I’ve added to this week’s fun project the super-easy-to-sew sleeveless sweater (sometimes called a “jumper”) for … Continue reading Make this outfit for your 8-inch or 9-inch (20-23 cm) dolls w/a free pattern @ #TinyThings #DollClothes

#MonsterHigh and #EverAfterHigh #dolls clothes FREE Shirt Pattern @

Confused? Don’t be. Yes, we’ve seen the pioneer dress pattern before, but I used the bodice portion of the pioneer dress pattern above to create these cute little crop tops, which are shown below: And here’s Lagoona Blue wearing a shirt made from the same free printable doll clothes pattern: Since it fits the Monster High® dolls, it seems like it’s a no-brainer to say that it … Continue reading #MonsterHigh and #EverAfterHigh #dolls clothes FREE Shirt Pattern @

Image shows Breyer traditional horse Snowman with Breyer doll rider. The doll wears handmade jeans and a blue plaid shirt in a western design. The overlay says "DIY Doll Shirt Tutorial" and beneath that a URL is offered:

DIY #Dolls’ shirt #tutorial with free #sewing pattern @

As my followers know, I posted the free sewing pattern for this shirt yesterday. Today I’m posting my DIY tutorial showing you how to sew a shirt for tiny 8″ dolls like the Breyer® rider dolls. Incidentally, this shirt pattern also fits the vintage World of Love dolls from Hasbro® and the vintage 8″ Wizard of Oz dolls from MEGO™. In my video, it mentions a free … Continue reading DIY #Dolls’ shirt #tutorial with free #sewing pattern @

Image shows a Breyer™ Doll wearing a pink "pioneer-style" bonnet and long Victorian dress with lace sleeves and a lacy petticoat. She walks through a snowy forest scene. At the base of the photo, a watermark states, " FREE printable doll clothes patterns and tutorials."

Sew a #Pioneer bonnet for #miniature #dolls w/a free pattern @

Last week I gave you the pattern and tutorials for making the dress and drawstring purse that go with this ensemble, but wait! There’s more! This week I’m going to share the bonnet and cape patterns and tutorials. Granted, I already gave you the pattern for the bonnet last week, but I’ll re-post it for easy access this week, since you’ll need it to make … Continue reading Sew a #Pioneer bonnet for #miniature #dolls w/a free pattern @