Image shows a Breyer™ Doll wearing a pink "pioneer-style" bonnet and long Victorian dress with lace sleeves and a lacy petticoat. She walks through a snowy forest scene. At the base of the photo, a watermark states, " FREE printable doll clothes patterns and tutorials."

Sew a #Pioneer bonnet for #miniature #dolls w/a free pattern @

Last week I gave you the pattern and tutorials for making the dress and drawstring purse that go with this ensemble, but wait! There’s more! This week I’m going to share the bonnet and cape patterns and tutorials. Granted, I already gave you the pattern for the bonnet last week, but I’ll re-post it for easy access this week, since you’ll need it to make … Continue reading Sew a #Pioneer bonnet for #miniature #dolls w/a free pattern @