The image shows purple polka dot fabric with patterns laying scattered across the dotted fabric. The top of the image offers the website's URL: and the following statement: free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. This is a video header for ChellyWood1, Chelly Wood's YouTube channel.

Chelly Wood’s YouTube channel gets a new look! #SewingBlogger #Sewing #DollClothes

For those of you who regularly follow my YouTube Channel, ChellyWood1, today’s blog post is probably going to be old news: I’ve changed my branding to an updated purple-and-turquoise theme with a whole new style. The starting segment of my videos is shorter, too, with the Chelly Doll speaking more rapidly. The same is true for the closing segment of my videos. I decided the … Continue reading Chelly Wood’s YouTube channel gets a new look! #SewingBlogger #Sewing #DollClothes