The image shows a free pattern for a pajama top and shorts (AKA a babydoll pajama set) to fit Mattel's Barbie and similar-sized dolls. The images on the pattern show a Barbie doll, a Skipper doll, and a vintage Francie doll all wearing this pajama. It includes a pair of "booty shorts" with an elastic waist and an easy-to-sew gathered pajama top which uses ribbon and bias tape to create a cute little pajama top and shorts to fit fashion dolls in the 10-inch to 11.5-inch size range. This pattern comes with brief instructions to use a scant 1/4 inch seam, and there are video tutorials showing you how to sew the pajamas together. The website where you can download this free printable pajama pattern as either a PDF download or a MS Word download is

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Are you ready for a new pattern? This week I’m posting a pajama pattern that will fit Barbie, Queens of Africa, Skipper, vintage Francie, Spin Master Liv Dolls, the fashion-doll-sized Disney Princess dolls, and a lot of other dolls in the 10-inch to 11.5-inch fashion doll size range. Here’s the pattern in both a MS Word format and a PDF download: Free printable sewing pattern … Continue reading #PDFpattern Wednesday: #Barbie pajamas FREE #pattern @