Image shows a free, printable sewing pattern for a fashion doll wedding gown skirt, petticoat, and overlay. This pattern is designed to fit Barbie, Liv Dolls, and other 11.5 inch fashion dolls of a similar shape and size. On the pattern itself, the "Creative Commons Attribution" symbol is displayed, indicating that the pattern is free for people to use, as long as they tell people where the pattern came from. The pattern is stamped with the watermark for the following website:

FREE Wedding Gown #Patterns for Barbie #Dolls @

Yesterday I gave you the pattern for the one-shoulder bodice on this week’s wedding dress sewing project. Today I’m giving you the pattern for the skirt for this fashion doll wedding dress, which is designed to fit Mattel’s Barbie®, Spin Master Liv™ dolls, Momoko™ dolls, and similar-sized fashion dolls (11-inch to 11.5-inch). Although we’re using felt for the bodice on this project, we’ll be using … Continue reading FREE Wedding Gown #Patterns for Barbie #Dolls @

Image shows a made-to-move Barbie from Mattel wearing a handmade wedding gown. The bodice of the gown, which is made of felt, covers one of the doll's shoulders, leaving the other exposed. The bodice is spotted with silver polka dots. The skirt is pure white and gathered, with a silvery rick-rack decorating the bottom of the skirting. Her tiny white flat shoes peek out from under the long wedding gown. She stands before a purple wall that has two simple windows looking out at a cloudy sky. The doll's hair is blond with curls, and the overlay says, " FREE printable sewing patterns and more."

Barbie-#Dolls’-sized #Wedding Dress #Patterns

Last Friday I posted a poll, asking my followers to tell me which dolls they sew for most. With this information, I hope to offer a helpful variety of patterns for the coming year. Two weeks before that, I posted a poll asking what kinds of patterns and tutorials you’d like me to create. The results of that poll showed that most of you want … Continue reading Barbie-#Dolls’-sized #Wedding Dress #Patterns

Image of Barbie doll in a Quinceañera Dress

#6 Sew a #Quinceañera or #WeddingDress for #BarbieDolls @

  For the holidays, here on, I’m doing a countdown to New Year’s eve. These are my top 15 videos from my YouTube channel! “How to Sew a Quinceañera or Wedding Dress for Barbies” clocks in at #6 on my countdown. Of course these types of dresses have always been popular with doll lovers, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this particular tutorial is #6 … Continue reading #6 Sew a #Quinceañera or #WeddingDress for #BarbieDolls @

Image of Barbie doll dressed in traditional Basque dress with Renaissance Snood

Sew a #Basque #BarbieDoll Dress for Your #Barbies

When I first designed and posted this doll dress, someone told me its style was very much like that of the Basque people. That wasn’t my original intention, but hey! I love Basque food, so I’m gonna go with it! I also live in a part of the US where there are lots of Basque people. One of the principals I worked for in my … Continue reading Sew a #Basque #BarbieDoll Dress for Your #Barbies