The image shows a vintage McCalls Craft Pattern number 2686 which offers Barbie sized doll clothes including coats and jackets, prom dresses, and business as well as casual wear.

What Fabrics to Use When Sewing Doll Coats

It’s summer time in the northern hemisphere, but it’s the dead of winter in our planet’s southern hemisphere, so today’s blog post is for my followers in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and South America. Let’s talk about how to keep your dollies warm! Today I’m answering the question, “Which fabrics are best for making doll coats?” and I’m bringing to your attention the vintage … Continue reading What Fabrics to Use When Sewing Doll Coats

Free jacket pattern to fit #Barbie #Dolls and other #FashionDolls @

Today I’m going to share my free patterns and tutorials for making this fancy zip-up-the-front jacket and these easy jeans. The jacket pattern can be quite tricky, so I only recommend tackling that project if you’re already an advanced sewist. Jeans are easy enough, though, even for someone who’s relatively new to sewing. These patterns are designed to fit Barbie™ and similar sized fashion dolls. … Continue reading Free jacket pattern to fit #Barbie #Dolls and other #FashionDolls @

#Barbie Jacket #DIY Tutorial and Coat Pattern

Here’s the tutorial I made and posted on YouTube this week. It teaches you how to use my surcoat pattern for Barbie and the Musketeers (really Romeo and Juliet with Barbies) to sew your own (DIY) Barbie jacket/coat for a Renaissance-period costume. Remember, I offer these patterns and tutorials for free. All I ask in return is that you help promote this video: Continue reading #Barbie Jacket #DIY Tutorial and Coat Pattern