In a room with purple walls and a white floor, a Petite Barbie stands poised elegantly in front of two windows. To her right is a white wicker love seat and a white wicker table loaded with a tiny porcelain tea set. To her left is a matching white wicker chair. She wears a handmade Halloween party dress made of cotton. The sleeves of the dress are rich orange with white cuffs. The body of the dress and the skirt are made of black fabric dotted with tiny candy corns. The skirts hem is edged with orange satin ribbon overlaid with tiny one eighth inch rickrack trim. The doll is African or African American with a deep chocolate complexion. Her bright orange plastic shoes tie the whole outfit together, bringing out the orange in the candy corn print and the orange of the sleeves.

FREE #DollClothes pattern for #PetiteBarbie #Fashionista dress @

This week’s posts are brief. Since I discovered that this dress pattern fits quite a few dolls, I’m busy creating official posts for each doll, so that I can offer links from my gallery page to each post. (Sorry for taking up a whole week to take care of business, but this is the best way to make the patterns easily accessible from the gallery … Continue reading FREE #DollClothes pattern for #PetiteBarbie #Fashionista dress @