The image shows a Mattel Teresa doll in a pretty Quinceañera dresses with tiny white beaded flowers on the front of the pink bodice and a pink long skirt that's overcast by a gorgeous semi-gathered tulle layer on top.

Sew a #Quinceañera Dress for #Barbie® #Dolls w/ Free Pattern @

This is the pattern and tutorial for the quintessential Barbie® quinceañera dress. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the celebration of the quinceañera, it’s something akin to the American tradition of the “sweet 16” party. When a girl turns 15, her father admits that his little girl is finally a woman. She is given her last and final doll–in this case, a Barbie®–and her … Continue reading Sew a #Quinceañera Dress for #Barbie® #Dolls w/ Free Pattern @

Image of Kira doll wearing gingham dress with straps and short skirt. Overlapping words say, "Fashion Doll Dress Tutorial and Pattern"

Easy-Sew Dress for #Barbies ™ w/ Free Pattern @ #crafts #dolls

As my regular followers know, I have a series of YouTube tutorials called “Easy-Sew Projects for Kids.” Well, even though this is an older pattern, I’ve added it to my Easy-Sew YouTube playlist since it’s really a beginner-to-intermediate-level project. Here’s everything you’ll need to make this cute and fairly simple little dress that fits Barbie™ and similar-sized fashion dolls: Free printable pattern for easy sundress Free … Continue reading Easy-Sew Dress for #Barbies ™ w/ Free Pattern @ #crafts #dolls

Image of sewing pattern for a sun dress with straps. Overlaid with images of Barbie dolls wearing the sun dress in a red plaid print fabric.

Free Sewing Pattern for #FashionDoll Strappy #DollDress @ #Crafts

  This is the second pattern needed to create the Valentine’s Day dress that I showed a preview of on Tuesday. Watch for the release of the video tutorial that shows you how to put these patterns together to form a single Valentine’s Day dress, like the one I displayed Tuesday. As you may recall, you must enlarge my patterns to fit a full-sized piece of American … Continue reading Free Sewing Pattern for #FashionDoll Strappy #DollDress @ #Crafts

Image of African American Barbie wearing a red strapless dress with flouncy white skirting atop a pencil skirt of red. White flouncy skirt has small red hearts printed on it. This page offers a FREE Printable PDF sewing pattern for making a dress for a regular Mattel-sized Barbie Doll. The pattern and tutorial video can be found at

Sew a #Romantic #ValentinesDay Dress #BarbieStyle w/ Free Patterns @

  Here’s a preview of the Valentine’s Day dress pattern I plan to post this week on I’m a little behind on my pattern-making this week, but hopefully I can get the pattern and tutorial posted by the end of the week. While I’m busy working on the patterns, you may have to settle for more pictures of this lovely dress in various poses. … Continue reading Sew a #Romantic #ValentinesDay Dress #BarbieStyle w/ Free Patterns @