Image shows three Breyer dolls standing next to two Barbie dolls, as a size-comparison.

What are Breyer® dolls, and how big are they? #Miniatures #ModelHorses #Horses

A while back, one of my followers wrote to me with the following suggestion: “Tell me about Breyer® dolls, please… Before coming to the site I had never heard of them, but now I’m curious.” So in response to this faithful fan, I thought I’d do a quick blog post, explaining a little about the Breyer® company and their charming doll collection. Breyer® is most … Continue reading What are Breyer® dolls, and how big are they? #Miniatures #ModelHorses #Horses

Image shows the Bryden Bandweth doll from Project MC2 wearing doll clothes especially designed to fit her slender figure. She is posed on a sandy surface with Monet's green bridge from "Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies" in the background. The clothes worn by the Bryden Bandweth doll consist of a long-sleeved, grey-and-white floral top over a pair of simple black pants. At the bottom of the image, it says, " FREE printable sewing patterns and tutorials."

Free sewing patterns @ fit #ProjectMC2 #dolls

Just look at my lovely Bryden Bandweth doll from Project MC2®! Isn’t she adorable in this outfit? This week I’m going to give you the free, printable sewing patterns to fit slender dolls like Bryden Bandweth and other Project MC2 dolls®. This pattern will also fit your Spin Master Liv Dolls®, as you can see in the image below: Stay with me this week, if … Continue reading Free sewing patterns @ fit #ProjectMC2 #dolls