Image shows 8-inch doll wearing a pioneer-style bonnet. Overlay says, "Free doll bonnet pattern and tutorial" and also includes the website's watermark:

#DIY Bonnet for small #Dolls also fits #MomokoDoll

I posted this doll bonnet pattern yesterday, but for easy-access, here’s the link again: Pattern for Bonnet and Pioneer Dress It’s easy to print this pattern using the instructions found in my “How to Print Patterns” video, although I do need to update that video, as we no longer use the Old Pattern Page as much as we do the Gallery these days. Please note: you … Continue reading #DIY Bonnet for small #Dolls also fits #MomokoDoll

Image is a printable sewing pattern for a "pioneer" style of dress with a petticoat, drawstring purse, and bonnet. The finished dress is shown on a Monster High doll and two eight-inch dolls (Breyer doll and World of Love dolls). The image is watermarked " free printable sewing patterns and tutorials for doll clothes that fit dolls of many shapes and sizes").

#Sew a Pioneer Bonnet for 8″ #Dolls w/ this free #printable pattern @

Yes, I did post this pattern last week too, but you’ll need this pattern, in order to make the bonnet we’re sewing this week. The bonnet is designed for the tiny 4.5-inch (11 cm) heads belonging to 8″ dolls, so it’s not likely that it will fit Monster High or Ever After High dolls (although the dress actually does fit those two doll bodies, as … Continue reading #Sew a Pioneer Bonnet for 8″ #Dolls w/ this free #printable pattern @